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Ben Matjiu, The Guy


Ben is no stranger to starting from the bottom and working his way up the ranks. He is also no stranger to “not-having-a-plan” and “just winging it”, which, when coupled with his ideology of approaching each new challenge as a personal endeavour, has resulted in an interesting journey for the 33 year old. 

 After years of job hopping in roles like client service, account manager, brand manager, he found his calling in writing. A blog was the first attempt at writing, which went well for what it was. The idea of writing was great. He spent a few years in agencies as an actual copywriter - miles from what he studied. “The ad world was fun. I worked with some of the biggest brands in the country, but it still didn't feel like the right fit for me.”

What I Do

I Create Content


We live in an age where content is undisputedly king. From video and imagery to written and spoken content, it us inescapable. 

Before "content creation" was a catch phrase I fell in love with the idea of ideas transformed into reality and actions. True content is about engagement, memorability and relevance.  

I Write Words


From an early age we are taught to read and write, from books and poems to signage and tweets, we are always reading. The catch however is whether or not what we are writing is doing what it is intended to do. 

I do that. Write for a lasting purpose.

I Shoot Pics


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I believe a picture can tell so many stories in a beautifully captured moment. 

Through the lens, I am able to hold a wealth of words and a create decades of memories and that's where the magic lives.

What I Write

Tsogo Sun




Jason L furniture - Australia


Boston City Campus


Adrienne Hersch




What I Create



One of the most popular and easily accessed mediums ever. As a radio producer I'm tasked with the duty of creating radio shows that cater to a young, like-minded and self driven South African audience. No day is ever the same, no show is ever duplicated. It's live. It's real. It's now. 



Gone are the days where we would wait an entire day to receive a newspaper to catch up on news of gossip. The world is continuously moving online and upwards and as such, I dedicate a lot of my time working with people who share the same vision for online content creation.



With an increase in people being drawn towards events and social gathering it only makes sense to be where the people are. Through my lens I'm able to capture the greatest moments while still keeping true to the event theme, atmosphere and environment.

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Enough of the online charm, get in touch today and let's create incredible stories

Ben Matjiu

Johannesburg, South Africa

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